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EH&S in capital projects


I just read the book, "Natural Capitalism,"  1999, by Paul Hawken, Amory Lovins and Hunter Lovins.  In it, they talk about the issue of environmental and energy projects (all of their examples show cost savings) competing against capital investments for production.  They note the positives for production and the env/energy savings directly benefitting the bottom line.  They cite many references to back their points.  So I thought it might be useful to your question, or at least tangentially related.  If nothing else, I feel it's a thought provoking book that sheds a lot of very positive light on our environmental and energy future, and worth reading for that reason alone.  If you read just one "environmental" book this year  ...

You can find the book at  http://www.naturalcapitalism.org/  .  In particular, I suggest the chapter "Tunneling through the cost barrier."   Much, if not most, of the book is downloadable, so you won't have to kill any trees to read it (the perfect holiday gift!  ;-)  ).  

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Anthony Sasson

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Subject:  EH&S in Capital Projects

I work in the chemical manufacturing industry. I am trying to track money
spent on environmental and safety upgrades. It is straight forward when
installing a pollution control device or safety equipment (100%). Does
anyone know a rule of thumb when allocating the cost of a new piece of
process equipment or other auxiliary equipment that also may have process
safeguards and environmental benefits?

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Anthony Sasson
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