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Re: Wanted: Haz Waste Landfill in U.S.

One of the larger midwest treatment facilities for hazardous waste is
WRR Environmental Services Co. Inc. in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.  Which is
fairly close to Ontario.  Although transportation across and/or around
the Lakes may make the service unavailable to your area.

contact WRR at
5200 State Road  93
Eau Claire, WI 54701
ph 715/834-9624
fax 715/836-8785

Generally speaking, commercially generated hazardous waste is banned
from US landfills. Under what conditions was Hazardous material
landfilled? After treatment?

Perhaps you will have more luck landfilling in the US if you look at
specific waste streams that may not be designated as Hazardous Waste in
the US.

And of course, the obvious option is to pursue the P2 alternative to
generation of the waste in the first place.