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Re: PCBs in auto fluff

PCBs are chlorinated hydrocarbons with characteristics similar to a heavy
oil or wax.   They were used as a plasticizing oil in plastics and caulks
before being banned.   It is possible the PCB contamination in automobile
fluff comes from the use of PCBs as plasticizers as well as for electrical
insulation in capacitors.   The plastic used for dashboards and seat covers
could have PCBs.   Also the gaskets around windows and caulks used where
there was an exposure to heat and UV radiation.   

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>At 10:00 AM 12/16/1999 -0500, David  Herb wrote:
>>Dear P2Tech,
>>There are a number of references to the fact that automobile shredder
>residue (ASR) may be classified as polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) bulk
>product waste due to the presence of PCB laden plastics in the ASR.  Can
>anyone on the list identify these PCB laden plastics and/or explain why
>they contain PCBs?  
>>Is plastic insulation from electric cables manufactured prior to the
>manufacturing ban on PCBs to blame?  Are PCBs inadvertently generated as
>minor impurities during the production of certain plastics?
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