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International Pollution Prevention Summit

Hi everyone
(sorry for any cross-postings)

International Pollution Prevention Summit
October 18th to20th, 2000 Montreal, Canada


The International Pollution Prevention Summit will bring together leading
practitioners and decision-makers from around the globe to take concrete steps
to expand current understanding and implementation of pollution prevention.
Updates on the Summit can be viewed at: http://c2p2.sarnia.com/summit

Summit participants will include members of pollution prevention roundtables and
cleaner production networks. To broaden the impact of practitioners' efforts,
the Summit will also engage financial institutions and investors, educators,
senior corporate management and community leaders - those in a position to
influence change.

Beginning with pre-Summit electronic discussions and followed by working
sessions at the Summit, decision-makers and practitioners will develop plans for
collective action to accelerate the implementation of pollution prevention,

The central themes for discussion focus on how pollution prevention is tied to
real-life challenges of implementing sustainable development.
(http://c2p2.sarnia.com/summit/english/program/action/).  Cross-cutting issues
such as strategies for engaging new partners or technologies and techniques
supporting pollution prevention will be a natural part of discussion in all

We invite you to participate in the advance discussions that will help shape the
action plans that will be completed at the Summit. To help us better organize
the discussion, please:
- Indicate your area of interest and how you will contribute to the discussion
- Review the draft action planning process
(http://c2p2.sarnia.com/summit/english/program/action/) and give us your
- Provide suggestions for possible group leaders for any of the themes.

We also welcome names and contact information for people you feel we should
invite to participate.

Please provide your input and confirm your intent to participate by January 3rd,
2000. Please include your full name, title, affiliation, contact information
including E-mail address.

Discussion will begin on January 17th, 2000.

We look forward to hearing from you and to lively and fruitful discussions!

The Steering Committee
International Pollution Prevention Summit

Canadian Centre for Pollution Prevention
100 Charlotte Street
Sarnia, ON  N7T 4R2
Fax: 519-337-3486
Email: c2p2@sarnia.com