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P2 Materials for Auto Repair and Fleet Maintenance

TO:       P2 List serves (apology in advance for cross postings)

FROM:          Leif Magnuson and John Katz, Region 9 P2 Program

RE:       P2 Materials for Auto Repair and Vehicle Fleet Maintenance

We are pleased to announce the release of EPA Region 9?s Pollution Prevention
Toolkits for Auto Repair and Fleet Maintenance. The Toolkits are a set of 12
fact sheets and 2 videos that provide detailed information on the top P2 fixes
for auto repair and fleet maintenance operations. These materials are the
culmination of nearly two years of work with technical experts, shop staff and
managers, pollution prevention providers, and regulatory agencies. The materials
     - Aqueous parts cleaning (with separate fact sheets highlighting case
     studies from 14 shops and fleet operations)
     - Aqueous brake washing
     - Refillable spray bottles
     - Antifreeze recycling
     - Spill prevention and floor clean up
     - Oil water separators
     - Engine oil life extension (fleets)
     - Reusable oil filters (fleets)

We made a concerted effort to focus on the most cost-effective P2 solutions for
common problems and to clearly explain the environmental, economic, and
implementation issues involved.  Most of this information came from
comprehensive in-field studies. We also subjected our work to rigorous review
from regulatory, P2, and industry experts. More than 50 NPPR members provided
information to Region IX, either in response to queries posted on P2 Tech
listserve, or as comments on draft fact sheets sent out for review in early
1999. We want to thank those of you who contributed expertise, information, and
comments to this project.

These materials are designed to be a resource for pollution prevention
providers, as nearly every P2 program across the country needs top quality P2
information for their auto repair and fleet maintenance clients. These materials
are not specific to EPA Region IX, but are designed to be used anywhere in the
country. They can be easily customized for local use and distribution, sparing
local programs the significant expense of creating similar materials themselves.
If you need under 300 copies, color copying the printed versions (ordering
information below) is cheapest/best option. For over 300 copies, we recommend
professional printing, and we can send a CD ROM with the original page layout
files and printing instructions. We also have 5 video master tapes to loan out
for duplication purposes.  We also can provide training materials (workshop
agendas and Power Point presentations) based on the information in the fact
sheets and videos.

You can preview the fact sheets on our web site:
www.epa.gov/region09/p2/autofleet. The web site also features some of the
background materials for this project, and tips on how to reproduce and
incorporate the materials into P2 programs.  To order hard copies of the fact
sheets and videos: call (800) 490-9198:
- For the P2 in auto repair fact sheet package, ask for The Pollution Prevention
Tool Kit, Best Environmental Practices for Auto Repair (publication number EPA
- For the P2 in fleet maintenance fact sheets package, ask for The Pollution
Prevention Tool Kit, Best Environmental Practices for Fleet Maintenance
(publication number EPA 909-E-99-002)
- For the auto repair video, ask for Profit Through Prevention, Best
Environmental Practices for Auto Repair (publication number EPA 909-V-99-001)
- For the fleet maintenance video, ask for Profit Through Prevention, Best
Environmental Practices for Fleet Maintenance (publication number EPA

Limited copies are available (one per caller). Due to the large volume of repair
operations nationally, these materials are intended for subsequent duplication
by local business environmental assistance programs and trade associations for
distribution to their clients or members.

If you have any ideas on trade association or regional/state/local P2
partnership opportunities, please call Leif Magnuson (415-744-2153;
magnuson.leif@epa.gov) or John Katz (415-744-2150; katz.john@epa.gov). We also
would like your feedback on the materials, so let us know what you think!