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I received this response to your question regarding pickle wastewater. 
If you need additional information, you may contact Norma directly and
she'll be glad to help you.


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Date: Mon, 20 Dec 1999 09:47:21 -0500
From: Norma Murphy <Norma.Murphy@ncmail.net>
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Donovan Brock with Dean's Pickle & Specialty Products, 910-267-4711 has
implemented water saving techiques in his facility in Faison.  We do not
have a formal case study written on them yet but the following describes
some of the basic water saving changes to their facility:

- repaired water leaks on equipment in processing areas and underground
pipe leaks (some process lines were loosing ukp to 15 gal/min of water)

-the computer operated pasturizers were inspected and adjustments were
made to reduce the amount of water used, initially each pasturizer used
an average of 80,000/gallons of water per day now they average around
30,000/gallons of water per day

- Dean's reuses some of its desalt water with nanofiltration, the
recycled water is used in the fermentation tanks

- water from the cooling tower is recirculated to be used 1. to cool
product 2. reused as desalt water 3. for clean-up, saves 30,000
gallons/water per day

- repaired leaking valves

- increased employee awareness by training  

Norma Murphy
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