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dental amalgam

Dear P2 Tech:

NH is one of many states working on reducing mercury and toxics in
healthcare facilities.  One of the issues that we are dealing with is how to
classify and handle dental amalgam waste (for best results in getting the
stuff recycled).  
There seems to be little consistency among states in how waste amalgam is
regulated; some consider it hazardous waste, some solid waste, some
Universal waste, and some ignore the issue entirely. There is also a lack of
analytical data (i.e. will amalgam pass TCLP)? (I realize this may or may
not be a technically appropriate use of TCLP, as we are really worried about
the vaporization of the Hg, but that is what RCRA would use for
classification purposes.) 
Please let me know:
How does your state classify/ handle dental amalgam waste? 
Do you have any TCLP or analytical test results you can share?
Thanks for your time and Happy Holdiays!

Hoping for a white Christmas in NH:
Lin K Hill
603-271-2456 (fax)