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DOE to Provide Funding for Plant-Wide Energy Audits

Folks --

Thought the following item would be of interest to many of you interested in
Pollution Prevention and/or Energy Efficiency.  The subcontracts DOE seeks
to put into place 
would be directly with industrial facilities conducting the plant
assessments.  Additional details are available on the download document from
the DOE-OIT web site.

FYI, Industries of the Future include: Forest Products, Chemicals, Petroleum
Refining, Steel, Aluminum, Metal Castings, Glass, Mining, and Agriculture 

DOE Seeks Applicants for Plant-Wide Energy Efficiency Opportunity
(from http://www.chemalliance.org/News/index.asp)

      Contributed by ChemAlliance Staff on 12/22/99
      The US Department of Energy, via it's Oak Ridge National Laboratory,
has announced that it intends to
      provide cost-sharing subcontracts to manufacturers who conduct
plant-wide assessments that will lead
      to substantial improvements in industrial energy efficiency, waste
reduction, productivity and global
      competitiveness. Up to ten of the subcontracts will be awarded via a
competitive solicitation, as part of
      the DOE's OIT Industries of the Future (IOF) strategy. The goal of
such assessments is to develop a
      comprehensive strategy that will significantly increase plant energy
efficiency and reduce environmental
      emissions. Under the subcontracts, participating companies would be
allowed to charge DOE for some
      of the costs incurred in conducting the energy assessments. The
maximum subcontract award will be
      $100,000, and cost sharing of at least 50% is required. 
      for more details, see: http://www.oit.doe.gov/news/form.shtml

Scott Butner (butner@battelle.org) 
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