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FW: Formaldehyde in Hospital Wastewater

P2 Techers-

Can you help this gentleman with his request. Please reply directly to him
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>From:   Thomas Barron [mailto:tsbarron@ibm.net]
>Sent:   Monday, December 20, 1999 8:23 PM
>Subject:        Formaldehyde in Hospital Wastewater
>I'm looking into alternative source control measures and treatment systems
>for a hospital that has a 1,000 gpd sanitary sewer discharge which contains
>about 4 mg/l of formaldehyde.
>In the hospital we are looking for sources of the chemical, and are
>diverting them away from the sewer.  In parallel, we are looking for
>alternative treatment units to remove the formaldehyde at the site's
>sanitary sewer discharge point.
>My questions are these:
>        Do you have or know of anyone who has factsheets, reports, or
>websites about this problem?
>        What technologies have you seen for removing formaldehyde from
>        Do you have any technology vendors to suggest?
>Thanks for any ideas you can provide.
>                                Regards,
>                                Thomas Barron, PE
>                                Civil Engineer
>                                3351 Beechwood Drive
>                                Lafayette, CA 94549
>                                (925) 283-8121
>                                FAX 283-6746


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