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RE: Ceramic Tile in roadbase or hot mix


PA, and I expect other states, have clean-fill standards.  If testing of the
tile meets the standard, use as clean-fill may provide another outlet,
hopefully closer to home.  As clean-fill the need for additional processing
to meet DOT gradation specs would be eliminated.
As Ralph indicated, meeting DOT gradation specs may be the largest hurdle
for use as road base.  Assuming test results are acceptable (this should go
significantly beyond a TCLP...PA used to generally use 10 times the MCLs for
drinking water for most constituents) you might consider general use as
aggregate in addition to use in road base construction.  (In PA a general
permit for beneficial reuse would be required other than for the clean-fill
Has the process been studied for ways to reduce the volume of waste?  Sounds
like a big loss of raw material and money.

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		20,000 tons of defective ceramic tile per year looking for a

		We have identified a use in road construction, but the DOT
question it 
		being safe.  Does anyone know of DOT's who have approved the
		of ceramic tiles? And if so, I am looking for any
documentation giving it
		the "green light."


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