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> My name is Dima Reda, I am a research analyst at the Tellus Institute. I
> am trying to identify any states that have included   incentives for P2 or
> prevention-oriented considerations into decision making with regards to
> their state revolving funds or other financial  assistance programs.
> Maryland's Water Quality Revolving Loan Program (WQRLF) is an example of
> the type of program I'm looking for. Maryland's MQRLF offers assistance
> for two categories of projects: 1) point source P2 and 2) nonpoint source
> pollution prevention.  I'm especially interested in programs that provide
> incentives for P2 thru loan programs, such as a lower interest rate for
> projects that include P2.If anyone has information about specific programs
> please forward information to me at: dreda@tellus.org. Thank you.
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> Dima Reda
> Research Analyst
>                                              telephone: 617-266-5400
> Tellus Institute                     fax:            617-266-8303
> 11 Arlington St.                    e-mail:  dreda@tellus.org
> Boston, MA 02116-3411