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TRI chemical reduction goals -Reply

Mark Snyder:  Your 1/3/2000 P2 Tech posting stated:  "We would like to learn more about efforts made by other states in recent years to reduce TRI chemical releases and/or waste generation.  If your state has or is considering a program similar to this, please let me know where I can learn more details about it."

In Arizona:

In 1994 the AZ DEQ, as required by A.R.S.  49-963.A., joined with external stakeholders to establish a state waste minimization goal to reduce hazardous waste by 25 percent by the year 2000, using 1992 as the base year.  This goal is indexed to economic data (manufacturing, mining and utilities) from the Arizona Department of Commerce.  As example, based on this data, the reduction between 1992 and 1997 was 39%.  
The Arizona statute: 

49-963. Pollution prevention plan
	A.	A person who owns or operates a facility that meets the reporting requirements prescribed by section 49-962 shall prepare and implement a pollution prevention plan that addresses a reduction in the use of toxic substances and the generation of hazardous wastes.  By January 1, 1994, the director shall establish a numeric goal for the state for waste minimization.  By January 1, 1999, the director shall establish a numeric goal for the state for toxic use reduction. For purposes of this section, "toxic substance" does not include material used or produced in connection with a mining or metallurgical operation.
The contact here for more detailed information is Jacqueline Maye at 602-207-4607 or by e-mail at: maye.jacqueline@ev.state.az.us

Bill Quinn
Pollution Prevention Unit