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Automobile Salvage Yards - Compliance/P2 manual(s)?

Indiana (IDEM) is again actively trying to develop an environmental compliance manual with a focus on P2 and recycling.  I mention the word, "again" because this industry group has been the focus of several compliance assistance efforts by our solid waste/land quality folk, but the effort would be short lived until it was revived again.

Now, this effort has been revived again, but the focus is not just one compliance group or even compliance with the rules.  The effort needs to be more comprehensive than past efforts.

I would like to obtain copies of draft documents, manuals, brochures, etc. of outreach efforts to this industry group.  Please help me understand how your efforts came to fruition.  What were some of the pitfalls that we can now avoid by learning from them?  How could or should be attract attention from the industry group itself to garner support and input in the development process.

Thank you for your help!

Mark C. Stoddard
Compliance & Technical Assistance Program