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Re: Automobile Salvage Yards - Compliance/P2 manual(s)?

The Greater Midwest Automotive Recyclers Exposition is held annually in
March in Council Bluffs, Iowa at Harvey's Hotel and Casino - contact the
coordinator  in Lincoln, NE at 402/476-1528.

You should be able to pick up some good contacts and information at the
conference, depending on this year's focus. The expo in sponsored by The
Iowa Automotive Recyclers Association  (515/673-7864 Dianne Van Gorp)
and the Automotive Recycling Industry of Nebraska

The Auto Recyclers Association (ARA) put out a nice piece on Stormwater
Automotive Recyclers Association
3975 Fair Ridge Dr., Suite 20-North
Fairfax, VA 22033 USA
Tel: (703) 385-1001
Fax: (703) 385-1494

We've done several on-site assessments at salvage yards and have their
reports - using our standard format and then addressing each waste
stream and/or applicable regulation.  We routinely recommend P2 options
as a means to compliance and for waste reduction.  Contact me directly
and I will strip out any client specifics and send you a copy of one-
this will be useful if you are starting from ground zero.

I speak at the Iowa Auto Recyclers every year or so and my experience
has been that the recyclers have a very strong association.  I would/do
work through the association for buy in and disseminating your info once

Stormwater seems to be the biggest issue on their minds.  Also some
yards are fully equipped body shops so look for that info too as well as
your local material exchange to keep up on the solid waste markets.
Then look to Spill prevention Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) since
they may have a huge storage of petroleum products.  Other than that -
they look like a vehicle maintenance facility when it comes to
regulation and P2 opportunities.

Good Luck,
Sue Sommerfelt
Iowa Waste Reduction Center