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Re: screw machine shops


I had a client that used Safety-Kleen solvent 140, which is when new is above 140 F flashpoint.  When it is spent it is above 140 F flashpoint.  In the case of my client, it wasn't.  What we found out that facility personnel where putting low flashpoint mineral spirits into the parts washers.  We had the facility purchasing dept. stop ordering mineral spirits.  They have had no problems since.  So this may be something you might want to look into for your client.

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>>> "Vanessa Hinkle" <vanessa.hinkle@epa.state.oh.us> 01/07/00 04:45PM >>>
I seem to have started my own screw machine shop initiative. If anyone can help me with the following questions, I would appreciate it.

1. How likely is it that waste solvent from screw machine shops will be hazardous for metals? Do most machine screw shops assume their waste solvent is hazardous? Do most shops have their waste tested?

2. Has anyone out there had problems with waste "Solvent 142" having a flash point below 142? What might be the reasons for this? Would most generators assume that if it was 142 when they bought it, it would be 142 when they were done with it?

3. What are some P2 opportunities for screw machine shops?

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