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MA Environmental Excellence Program Presentation Fri 1/21/00

Sustainable Step New England is sponsoring a presentation and discussion on
the new Massachusetts Environmental Excellence Program on Friday, January
21, 2000, from 12:30pm - 2:30pm at the Central Square Library in Cambridge.
The formal presentation will last about one hour followed by an hour of

The Massachusetts Environmental Excellence Program is a Baldrige-based
program designed to help organizations compare their environmental
management and sustainability efforts to "best in class" organizations.
This is accomplished by scoring against seven criteria and showing how the
core values are integrated into these efforts.  Scoring is done by trained
examiners and the organization is presented with a detailed feedback report
that details the strengths and opportunities for improvement in the program.
Through continued improvement in this industry-proven model, a company
should be able to measure its progress towards sustainability.  The
Massachusetts program promotes the concept of zero waste with a
prevention-based philosophy.  Clearly this is the first step to a
sustainable future.  In order to prepare an application limited to 50 pages,
organizations often use quality-based problem solving and decision-making
tools to communicate and measure progress.

The state of New Mexico started using this program a year ago with great
success.  Massachusetts will be the second state to implement this program
which will replace the governor's award for toxic use reduction.  Many other
states are currently considering similar environmental excellence programs
in the year 2001.  Every state in New England has been approached with
information on implementing this program for organizations located in their
jurisdictions.  The draft Massachusetts application guide can be found on
the internet at http://www.pollutionprevention.com  

Dr. Robert Pojasek was involved in the establishment of the New Mexico
program.  He is working with Jerry Christen (former Executive Director of
the Massachusetts Council for Quality Inc.) And a number of people
representing all the stakeholders to implement the program here in
Massachusetts.  Dr. Pojasek is an adjunct professor at the Harvard School of
Public Health and a sole proprietor management consultant.

Dr. Robert Pojasek will introduce the program in the first hour and lead a
discussion in the second hour.  In the discussion, we will explore how to
incorporate the visioning process of The Natural Step within the criteria of
this program.  Also, the use of this program to provide a measure of the
degree of sustainability and the trending of continuous improvement in
sustainability can be discussed.

If you plan to attend, please RSVP via email to Donald Fried-Tanzer,
donaldf@gis.net, 508-429-5004.  Drop-ins will be welcome on the day of the

Please crosspost and forward this invitation to all people you think would
be interested.

The presentation will be on Friday, January 21, 2000, from 12:30pm - 2:30pm
at the Cambridge Public Library in Central Square.  

Central Square Library, 45 Pearl Street, Cambridge.
T-stop Central on the Red Line.
Pearl Street is one block south of Central Square between Magazine and
Brookline Streets (it is one-way going towards the river).  The library is
1-2 blocks SW of Mass Ave between Green and Franklin Streets.  The library
is in the same building as a city parking facility.