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Metal Working Fluid Management

Need some help. I am pulling together the best documents (guides,
factsheets, articles, and case studies) on pollution prevention for
metal working fluids. Looking for those that are hidden in your desk
drawer so no one will walk off with them. Just send the publication
information. Also, does anyone know a good technical contact on this
subject? Thanks for all the help.

This is for our Industrial Core Sector Project. The best documents from
30 industrial categories will be put on the web in PDF format (after
getting copyright permission). Hope to have all categories finished by
early summer. Take a look at the rough cut at: www.p2pays.org and click
on the industrial sector project. Note that this is a work in progress,
still still working on the graphics.

Let me know any thoughts or comments you have on this effort.
Gary Hunt
NC Div. of Pollution Prevention and Environmental Assistance
Fax: 919-715-6794 
E-mail: gary.hunt@ncmail.net

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