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Need information on Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Dear All,

One of our information user needs information /
information source on Material Safety Data Sheet
(MSDS) of the following chemicals:

1 Sodium salt of benzidine
2 OO-Diethyle S-ethyl sulphonyl methyl phosphorothiote
3 OO-Diethyle S-ethyl thio methyl phosphorothiote
4 OO-Diethyle S-propyl sulphonyl methyl
5 Dimethyl phosphoramidocynicidic acid
6 Fluoromethyl acetate
7 4-flurobutyric acid
8 4-Fluoro methyl butyrate
9 4-Fluoro sodium butyrate
10 4-Fluoro butyramide
 and many more

Your help in this regard will highly be appreciated.

with best regards,

sanjay gupta
information scientist
c\o MOEF
New Delhi

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