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Re: recycle bag house dust

Hi Lin-

Furness- Newburge in Kentucky creates a water based slurry with the dust and
then uses ultrasonics plus several other steps to separate the dust from
bentonite.  All components - water, bentonite, metal dusts can then be
recycled/reused.  I've talked to people at General Motors and with the
EPA-Casting Emission Reduction Program who are really impressed with the FN

Jim could provide a much better description.


cc: Jim Furness
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Date: Wednesday, January 19, 2000 10:29 AM
Subject: RE: recycle bag house dust

>I know this is a big issue in the industry. I'm intrigued- can you give me
>sentences on how ultrasonics would work with dust?
>Lin K Hill
>Concord, NH
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>Subject: recycle bag house dust
>Furness-Newburge of Kentucky has a dust recycling system using ultrasonics.
>I'll put you in touch with them.
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>Subject: question
>>List Manager's note: Please respond directly to DenhofT@ttemi.com.
>>I am looking for any information on the recycling, reuse, waste exchange,
>>for Basic Oxygen Furnace baghouse dust as well as related dusts from
>>desulfurization and electric arc furnaces.
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