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VOC Safe Windshield Wash -Reply

Leo - I don't have a direct answer for you, but we have been curious to
see if an effective non-VOC windshield washer fluid is available.  

Believe it or not, our State Implementation Plan (SIP) for Dallas-Ft. Worth
includes windshield washer fluid reduction credits as part of our state
air quality strategy. Therefore, if we can substitute a non-VOC
alternative, it would be theoretically possible to achieve additional
reductions and SIP credits. 

Our VOC limits are more lower than the federal standard, so if you
purchase a fluid from a Texas manufacturer, it would be
"environmentally preferable" in terms of VOC content. The federal
standard is 35% by weight, whereas the Texas standard is 23.5%. 

The Texas standard is lower, because we negotiated this with the
industry prior to the development of the federal MACT (which was
promulgated in the Federal Register on September 11, 1998 - 63 FR

Anyway, I haven't had time to research the non-VOC alternative, so I
would be interested if anything turns up. 

>>> "Leo Lujan" <LLujan@dtsc.ca.gov> 01/21/00 11:17am >>>
Hello P2 Members,
I have a request for a source for a non-VOC windshield washer fluid. 
The user wants to use in on a fleet of  cars, trucks etc..  My search
found some solutions but none that will with stand freezing
temperatures.   If you have a sourse let me know.

Leo Lujan

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