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VOC Safe Windshield Wash -Reply

Leo Lujan,

Per your recent post: 

I came across a product (by looking in my own garage) that may be of interest. Here is what it said on the label:

Penske Car Care
VOC Safe Formula 
Windshield Wash
Sold at Kmart-call 1-800-866-0086 for the nearest Kmart location.

"Penske VOC Safe Formula Winshield Wash is a low toxin Washing Solvent that is chemically engineered to protect the environment, annihilate bugs, clean windows crystal clear and freshen the inside of your vehicle."

Contains Propylene Glycol (CAS #57-55-6)

I have not tried to freshen the inside of my vehicle with it yet. 

Bill Quinn 
Pollution Prevention Unit
Phoenix, AZ