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Re: Copper and Lead in the Sewers

The City Water and Sewer Dept. of Wichita, Kansas did some random 
sampling a couple of years ago to find sources of lead, copper, and 
zinc.  What they found was that radiator repair shops were 
responsible for about 30% of the lead reaching their headworks (this 
was from only 6 shops!).  They initiated a program in partnership 
with a local P2 (SQGHHW) program to work with these small businesses 
to go to a closed system technology. This was done in a non-
confrontational manner that allowed them to avoid permitting and 
fees.  There isn't a fact sheet developed for this project, but they 
did apply for and receive a Kansas P2 award for their innovative 
approach to the problem.  Becky Gagnon, is the Pretreatment co-
ordinator and she may be able to tell you how much actual reduction 
they have achieved in lead and copper.  Her number is:  316-529-9903
good luck.
sherry davis

Sherry J. Davis, CHMM
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