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Re: DF2000

At 14:07 00-01-26 GMT-10, you wrote:
>Hi everyone!!
>Does anyone have information on DF2000, which is a dry cleaning 
>solvent?  Is it considered a hazardous waste?  Any information would 
>be helpful!
>Thanks in advance!
>Marlyn Aguilar
>Hawaii Dept of Health
>Waste Minimization Coordinator


DF-2000 is produced in the USA by Exxon.  For technical data, see the
following Web site :


DF-2000 is a hydrotreated synthetic aliphatic hydrocarbon.  It has a flash
point > 140 F.  High vapor concentrations (greater than 1000 ppm) are
irritating to the eyes and the respiratory tract and can cause central
nervous system effects.  An 8-hour occupational exposure limit of 300 ppm
(1455 mg/m3) is recommended by the supplier.

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