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Metalworking P2

Greetings from snowy and ice Massachusetts!

I have a client that wants to install what I believe to be an unnecessary
treatment system and I am looking for a little help in the metalworking
fluids department.

The company manufactures a variety of nuts and bolts -- including
hastalloy, stainless, and silicon bronze.  The use a cold forming proces to
make their nuts.  The unit preheats the wire via induction heaters  to
~700F prior to the nut forming process.

The forming process leaves oil on the parts and a black oxide (or what I
think is oxide and what the production manager this is "baked on oil").  To
remove the oil and the oxide, they clean the nuts in a large parts washer
using sodium hydroxide.  The caustic attacks the copper and now they have a
copper problem (and nickel readings near the POTW local limits).  

I've heard that a synthetic lubricant (one that does not contain sulfur or
chloride) will render parts without the oxide and therefore much easier to
clean.  Does anyone have any experience in this area?  Or any other ideas?
 We've also isolated one drawing compound that is particularly difficult to

Right now the facility is violating thier permit for copper and the POTW
wants them in compliance.  A treatment system is not far off unless we can
fix this problem via P2.  I can offer more details on the proces if that
would be helpful.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


Tim Greiner, MBA
Greiner Environmental
47R Englewood Rd.
Gloucester, MA  01930

p:  (978) 525-2214
f:  (978) 525-2247