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Re: DF2000

Just quickly (I gotta run), DF2000 is a petroleum-based solvent.  A good
person to contact for more information about it is Katy Wolfe at the
Institute for Research and Technical Assistance in LA 310-453-0450.  She's
a good resource on the pros and cons of all of the dry cleaning solvent
alternatives.  Also, you might want to consider requesting US EPA's Design
for the Environment publication "Cleaner Technologies Substitutes
Assessment: Professional Fabricare Processes" EPA 744-B-98-001, June 1998
(to order call them at 202-260-1023).  It summarizes lots of studies of
alternative solvents regarding risks and expsoure impacts as well as

Susan Blachman

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>At 14:07 00-01-26 GMT-10, you wrote:
>>Hi everyone!!
>>Does anyone have information on DF2000, which is a dry cleaning
>>solvent?  Is it considered a hazardous waste?  Any information would
>>be helpful!
>>Thanks in advance!
>>Marlyn Aguilar
>>Hawaii Dept of Health
>>Waste Minimization Coordinator
>DF-2000 is produced in the USA by Exxon.  For technical data, see the
>following Web site :
>DF-2000 is a hydrotreated synthetic aliphatic hydrocarbon.  It has a flash
>point > 140 F.  High vapor concentrations (greater than 1000 ppm) are
>irritating to the eyes and the respiratory tract and can cause central
>nervous system effects.  An 8-hour occupational exposure limit of 300 ppm
>(1455 mg/m3) is recommended by the supplier.
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