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RE: DF2000


We have a dry cleaner here in Santa Barbara (they have three shops) that
recently switched to DF2000 and we just did an article on them in our

Here's the link to our newsletter articles on dry cleaning:


We interviewed Dr. Katy Wolf of the Institute for Research and Technical
Assistance in Santa Monica.  She's the expert on all of the new solvents
coming out - her # is (310) 453-6919. Their web page is at

Katy also gave a presentation on all of the new solvents at the WRPPN
conference this past October.  I'm sure her presentation is up on their web

I'm fairly certain the DF2000 solvent would be considered a hazardous waste,
but it is not considered an air toxic (hazardous air pollutant). It is
considered a VOC.

Hope this helps,

Frances Gilliland
Business Assistance Representative
Santa Barbara County Air Pollution Control District
26 Castilian Drive, B-23
Goleta, CA  93117
(805)961-8838 - phone
(805)961-8801 - fax

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Hi everyone!!

Does anyone have information on DF2000, which is a dry cleaning 
solvent?  Is it considered a hazardous waste?  Any information would 
be helpful!

Thanks in advance!

Marlyn Aguilar
Hawaii Dept of Health
Waste Minimization Coordinator