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RE: Selenium in sewers


I know, I know! Well, I can guess. Selenium sulfide is used in dandruff
shampoos like Selsun Blue.  Normally, the sulfide is relatively insoluble
but it can dissolve when the sample is acidified (if you are testing
unfiltered samples).  I guess it could also dissolve if it mixes with acidic
wastes in the sewer.

If the base is located in the desert, I would also consider selenium in the
groundwater. Local well water discharged to sewer would then be the source.



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Subject: Selenium in sewers

Hi all,

I have a colleague who is looking for clues as to potential sources of
elevated selenium levels in a military base sewer system.  There are
apparently minimal industrial sources, i.e. no electroplating or coal
firing.  The base is host to a large housing complex... any potential
residential sources?  

Thanks in advance, I know there will be some good suggestions offered.  

-Jeff Cantin

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