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FW: Flexography

Research Triangle Institute and the U.S. EPA Office of Research and
Development conducted testing and prepared a report titled, "Fugitive
Emission Reductions Due to the Use of Enclosed Doctor Blade Systems in the
Flexographic and Rotogravure Printing Industries".  

The EPA report number is EPA-600/R-98-050.  It's available through the U.S.
National Technical Information Service for $36 (plus a $10 handling fee in


Mark Bahner
Research Environmental Engineer 

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Subject: Flexography

I am looking for studies on estimations (in percentage of reduction of
VOCemitted) of P2 mesures in flexography, namely what is the percentage of
VOC reduction due to the use of doctor blades in comparison with printing
without doctor blades. Same question about : use of high solids inks, use of
enclosed doctor blades chamber, use of anilox roll with reduced volumes,
automated ink mixing system, automated viscosity control system, etc...

Thank you for your help,