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Re: Vehicle washing

The Connecticut DEP has regulated car washing at all commercial and public
works facilities for a number of years.  All washwater must be treated
through a grit separator and discharged to the public sewer and a DEP
permit must be obtained. I will mail you a copy of our permit
regulation/application form.

>>> Jeff Cantin <jcantin@tiac.net> 01/28 2:59 PM >>>
Hi all,

Can anyone shed light or share experiences on approaches, regulatory or
otherwise, for controlling discharges from vehicle washing operations?  

This would include everything from car washes to car dealers, fleet
operators, auto body repair shops, and highway and public works depts.  

I know there is lots of BMP info out there for such groups, but I'm more
interested in who is reaching out to them and how.  Are there jurisdictions
that write permits for such facilities?  What kind of permitting mechanisms
are used?  

Also, where is rinsate from these operations most likely discharged? To a
storm sewer? Sanitary sewer?

If there is interest I will compile any responses and post back to the list.

Thanks in advance.

-Jeff Cantin

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