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Fwd: Cleaner Production Financing

Dear Fellow P2ers,

I received the following email from Sascha Lafeld, who works with UNEP in 
Paris.  They are in the process of developing Strategies and Mechanisms for 
Cleaner Production Investments in Developing Countries and are looking for 
examples of P2 finance around the world.  I thought maybe there are others 
out there who would like to participate in this survey.

Sarah Diefendorf
Sarah M. Diefendorf
Executive Director
Environmental Finance Center, Region IX
Alameda Point
851 West Midway Ave.
Alameda, CA 94501-5012
Ph:  415-664-4715
Fx:  415-664-1675

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Dear Ms. Diefendorf,

my name is Sascha Lafeld, I am working at UNEP in Paris/France at a  project
on Cleaner Production (CP) Investment. Since I assume  that some activities
implemented by your organisation incorporate CP investment relevant topics,
I wonder whether you could give me some contact points within the
Environmental Finance Center that deal with this particular field of

To give you an idea about the project I am working at, please let me briefly
summarise the basic aspects:

Cleaner production (CP), as defined by UNEP, is a general term to describe a
preventive rather than aftercaring (end-of-pipe) environmental strategy for
industrial production. CP can be the most efficient way to operate
processes, manufacture products and provide services. Costs of wastes,
emissions as well as environmental and health impacts can be reduced, and
benefits from these reductions and new markets can be realized. Other
parallel terms are eco-efficiency, green productivity or pollution

In 1998 UNEP launched the project "Strategies and Mechanisms for Promoting
Cleaner Production Investments in Developing Countries" to help developing
countries in this matter. The project will demonstrate how investments in
cleaner production can be stimulated by helping financial institutions to
understand its benefits, and by training national experts to develop
creditworthy CP investment proposals. Finding investment funds is a major
constraint in making the cleaner production concept more widely practiced.
No systematic effort has yet been made to persuade development banks and the
private financial sector to invest in cleaner production . CP investments
have to be interpreted widely and they might vary from major infrastructure
projects through to single plant retrofit of production lines. However, a
key problem of CP investments is their incremental nature, in a sense that
the application of cleaner production principles increases the costs of a
'regular' investment. Thus, it is crucial to acknowledge that a CP
investment should not be interpreted as an additional cost related to
environmental performance. It rather relates to the cost entailed by the
choice of technology in an ever-changing array of alternatives.  

The first step of the project deals with finding CP investment examples
worldwide. These examples might provide useful advice and information for
the application of CP investments in developing countries. Therefore, we
have developed a questionnaire on CP investment institutions. The aim of
this questionnaire is to collect data about CP investment promotion and
financing initiatives in the financial and non-financial sector. A
compendium, to be published by UNEP/TIE, will provide core-data on the
profile and ongoing CP investment activities of the participating

Could you provide contact addresses within the Environmental Finance Center
that might belong to the target group of this questionnaire and/or do you
know other organisations/contact persons that might belong to it? 

Thank you for any help you might provide,

with best regards from Paris to San Francisco,

Sascha Lafeld
Cleaner Production Financing
39-43 quai Andrť CitroŽn
F-75739 Paris Cedex 15, France
Tel: + 33 1 44 37 76 17
Fax: + 33 1 44 37 14 74

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