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Re: foundry /metal casting surveys

Carey -

EPA's Sustainable Industry project has established a partnership with the metal
casting/foundries industry. I know they did an initial "needs assessment" with
the industry to identify environmental and regulatory trends and challenges. For
more information call contact Peter Truitt at 202-260-8214
(truitt.peter@epa.gov) or Jerry Newsome at 202-260-8666 (newsome.jerry@epa.gov).
You can check out their web site at

Hope that helps.

John Katz
Pollution Prevention Coordinator
US EPA Region 9

ultrasonic.solutions@worldnet.att.net on 02/03/2000 10:21:22 AM

Please respond to ultrasonic.solutions@worldnet.att.net

To:   p2tech@great-lakes.net
Subject:  foundry /metal casting surveys

Would you know of any foundry or metal casting industry surveys to evaluate
needs and
priorities for technology/process advancements, "best practices", human
resources, and energy and environmental issues.


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