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Re: Selenium in sewers

Palo Alto did a sewer load estimate on this use and found the
anticipated load to be negligible.  Note that Palo Alto only had one gun
shop and one gun club in its service area, neither did gun bluing or
blacking professionally, and so the only use estimated was home use.
Kelly Moran

Karl DeWahl wrote:
> Selenium is a common ingredient in cold bluing formulations for treating and coloring (blackening) metals like gun barrels.
> A contact at Birchwood Casey indicated whether bluing is done by hand or via use of a dip tank, rinses generally follow.
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> Subject: Selenium in sewers
> I have a colleague who is looking for clues as to potential sources of
> elevated selenium levels in a military base sewer system.  There are
> apparently minimal industrial sources, i.e. no electroplating or coal
> firing.  The base is host to a large housing complex... any potential
> residential sources?
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