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fees & p2

I am currently working on an overview of financial and economic incentives for pollution prevention.  There's plenty of information in the archives and the web (thanks everyone!) but I haven't found any info about the relationship between hazardous waste disposal fees and waste generation.

Us p2 folks frequently cite "high disposal costs" (and other mgmt costs) as one of the reasons why businesses should consider implementing more p2.  Of course, I realize that poor accounting practices would obscure this information for facility managers, but even if they could accurately assess these costs, would they provide sufficient incentives for reduction?

Does anyone know of studies that show a relationship between disposal fees and the quantity of waste generated?

Similarly, does anyone know of a state (or other jurisdiction) that crafts fees consciously as an incentive to reduce waste (as opposed to, for example, crafting fees that will cover regulatory costs).  In other words, using the disposal fee as an incentive to reduce waste. . . 

Thanks for any and all responses!