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FW: fees & p2

Dear P2 Techers, 

I am posting the following for a colleague of mine.  Please respond to
Christine Martin of the PA DEP.  Her email address is
martin.christine@dep.state.pa.us  .

Christine will summarize the responses she receives and post the findings on

Thank you for your help.

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From: Martin, Christine 		Sent: Tuesday, February 08, 2000
4:07 PM
To: Gordon, JoAnne			Subject: RE: fees & p2

I am currently exploring environmentally friendly tax provisions.
Specifically, I am looking at the possibility of expanding tax benefits for
pollution control devices and facilities under the Corporate Stock and
Franchise Tax, Sales Tax, and the Corporate Net Income Tax to pollution
prevention.  My concern is how to establish the scope of what would be
eligible for an exemption.  Have you found a definition of P2 that leaves
minimal room for interpretation?

It has occurred in the past, that a tax entity has claimed a whole facility
or operation as exempt, arguing that the whole operation is devoted to
pollution control (e.g., cogeneration and treatment plants).  Advertising
the existence of these exemptions and expanding them to P2 may increase this
type of occurrence, which could have a substantial impact on tax revenue and
may result in lawsuits against the Departments of Environmental Protection
and Revenue.

Has anyone had experience in this area?

Thank you in advance for your responses. 
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