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Integrated Waste Management


I am doing a survey through the Instiute of Wastes Management (UK) to 
gain a fuller understanding of the term Integrated WasteMmanagement (IWM) 
and it's use around the globe.

I have a couple of questions that i would like your assistance with;
1. please define IWM and give your interpreattion of how it is being 
2. please indicate examples of integrated waste management that 
you know of (at any scale)
3. do you think that the term has been abused in the past as a means 
of using EfW or other technologies which are inherrently unpopular
4. could you give a better phrase that would mean more to the public 
if we are trying to promote the concpet of IWM

many thanks for your assistance and please conttact me directly if you can help or require 

Adam Read (a.read@kingston.ac.uk)


Adam D.Read

WEMRU Research Fellow
'Institute of Waste Management London & Southern Counties Young Members Co-ordinator'
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