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re: Low VOC paints

I went to the Coating Alternatives Guide (http://CAGE.rti.org) and searched
for "bridge". 
The system gave me 7 results, including 

-flame spraying
-zinc rich primer
-Air/Force-Dried Two-Component Epoxy
-Air/Force-Dried Alkyd  (case study)
-Solvent-borne, air/force-dried silicone

More details of each of these are provided in the "Coating Alternatives"
section (when you pull up the general profile of each, notice that there's
an index tab to the left that allows you to dig into information about
application methods, curing, environmental factors (usually provides a
general VOC range), etc.

You can get a more precise list of possible options by using the CAGE expert
system at the same web address. To use the expert system you will need know
details about the substrate and the conditions of application. I suggest you
go to the site and play with the expert system and see if you have enough
information to use it. Otherwise, you can use the list above as a starting

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Subject: Low VOC paints

Does anyone know of a low VOC paint that would be effective as a steel
bridge paint? 

Thank you.

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