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Any Suggestions for a Client?

Hi Gang-

Hope things are well with you.

Have a client that needs help with recycling waste materials that have been
coated in their manufacturing process. Here's the specifics:
They manufacture coated paper, fabric, plastics and laminate substrates,
including fiberglass mat. They coat each of these types of materials for
use with military and commercial capacitors and as electrical insulation
for hi voltage applications. The coating gives the substrate a very high
dielectric specifically for this purpose. They are looking for some ideas
for recycling their waste materials from their manufacturing processes. I
need help with suggestions on where they might go to find a recycling
application. They generate 275 tons of waste annually. By category,
Resin on paper - 8 tons
Resin on fabric - 10 tons
Black electrical tape - 3 tons
Diamond pattern paper - 157 tons
Laminates - 97 tons.

We've investigated various ways for them to reduce their scrap, but there
don't seem to be many opportunities. The majority is edge trim and trim
from sheeting to size. They cut from rolls of specific widths to custom
sheet sizes meaning that waste is high or low based on the relationship of
the sheet size to the roll width. The main motivation is recycling which
would take the waste out of the landfill.

I have material safety data sheets on some of the products and can give you
more specifics if you know of possible outlets. Any connections or
suggestions would be appreciated. The firm is located in Pennsylvania.

Any help would be appreciated.



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