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Re: FW: Rubber Build-up on Airport Runways

Hi, Kim. Howzitgoin'?

You might consider a rubber recycler. There are a number of them around.
(The one closest to me had a fire and is currently not operating or I'd
give you his name.) If it is turned into crumb rubber, it becomes the raw
material for doormats, playground equipment, running tracks and other
innovative applications that have been developed. In addition the crumb
rubber itself is used as cover on playgrounds (kids won't get hurt if they
fall-lasts a lot longer than mulch)  and for equestrian training venues.

Here's another thought. The main reason to make crumb rubber is to separate
the steel belts and (to a lesser extent) the cords from the rubber of
discarded tires. That's not needed in this instance. Its possible that the
material scraped up off of the runways could be used directly as a raw
material in some of the processes listed above. Try this manufacturer of
running tracks; he might be able to use it directly:

Dodge Regupol, Inc.
PO Box 989
Lancaster, PA 17608

(717) 295-3400

Good luck.

Just stay off the runways when the jets are landing.


PS: Thanks for the LCA brochures. At this point, I'm too busy to attend,
but still have it under consideration.


>Does anyone have any experience with this?
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>> > > > Subject: FW: Rubber Build-up on Airport Runways
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>>  >  > A member of our team was recently by someone from an International
>> >  >  > Airport about rubber build-up on the airport's runways.
>> Apparently,
>> >  >  the amount of rubber left on the runways by repeated landings and
>> >  >  takeoffs is considerable, and all large airports routinely have the
>> >  >  rubber build-up removed.  The airport has been landfilling this
>> >  >  material in the past, and they are interested in exploring options
>>  > >  for diverting it.
>> > >  >
>> > >  > No amount of web-searching has been able to turn up anything on
>> this
>> > >  > topic.  Can you point me towards any information that the airport
>> > > folks might find useful?
>> > > >
>> > > > Thanks!


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