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hospital waste composition

Hi everyone

I am looking for data on the composition of hospital wastes (weight percent).
The data I have is dated (1990) and I am requesting the same type of data but
more up-to-date.  What I have is from an Ontario hospital and it is estimated
that the average Canadian hospital produces 5.5 Kg/bed/day.  It is broken down
into the following categories: paper (45%),  misc (5%), biomedical (5%), wood
(3%), metal (2%), food (17%), glass (3%), plastic (14%) and liquids (5%).

Does anyone have the same type of stats but more recent than 1990?  I am
interested in figures for similar catergories and also for how much waste
(kg or pounds) a hospital produces per bed per day.

Any leads would be appreciated and thank you in advance.

Deb Foster
Canadian Centre for Pollution Prevention
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Sarnia, ON  N7T 4R2
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