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RE: Rubber Build-up on Airport Runways

Hello All--

I wanted to say thanks to all that contributed to the airport runway scrap
rubber problem by posting an email with definitive vendor info.  Enjoy!

Kim Mihalik
Environmental Engineer
11251 Roger Bacon Dr.
Reston VA 20190-5232
ph: 703/318-4594
fax: 703/736-0826

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Thanks for trying.  It turns out that the problem solved itself!

I had a long phone call earlier this week from Jeff Rubin at the Port of
Oakland--he is the one who initially asked the question.  It turns out that
they were able to find a company that is able to recycle the runway rubber!
They wrote specs for rubber removal that stipulated that the material had to
be recycled.  Only one company was able to meet those specs, Cyclone Rubber
Removal out of Phoenix, Arizona.  The phone number for Cyclone is
(602)418-9636, and the contact person is Richard Rhorbacher.  According to
Jeff,Cyclone uses a zamboni-like contraption with a closed-loop cleaning
solution that removes the rubber without scraping up bits of the concrete or
further burning it.  The rubber is filtered out of the solution and can then
be recycled (I didn't ask into what).  Jeff says that both SFO and San Jose
are already using Cyclone, and that Cyclone is actually cheaper than the
service they had been using before.

Jeff was very appreciative of everybody's efforts, and definitely wants to
hear of any ideas we have in the future.  He would be happy to provide
copies of the contract specs if anyone would like to see them.  His number
is (510) 627-1134.