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Low VOC Bridge Paints

I appreciate the information and will follow up.  But specifically, I need
data on Tertiary Butyl Acetate.  If you know who manufactures or uses the
solvent, please let me know.  Thanks

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From: Sherrick.Joseph@dep.state.pa.us

A colleague forwarded your question to me.  I am currently the manager for
verification grant on that same topic.  In PA, we have a small paint company
that manufactures a non-VOC and low VOC paint that they are marketing as
being acceptable for steel bridges.  However, in PA and most surrounding
states, any such paints must undergo approved testing before it can be added
to the approved vendor list of coatings.  The DOTs among the northeast
states, except for New York, have formed NEPCOAT (northeast protective
coatings) under a reciprocal agreement to simultaneously verify and
approve/disapprove paints that vendors are submitting for this purpose.  An
independent laboratory, Corrosion Control Consultants & Labs, Inc. (CCC&L)
has been selected to perform all of the necessary field and lab testing.
The field application began in the summer of '99 and was completed by fall
'99.  The paints were applied to areas of various levels surface preparation
and on bridges in Maine, Vermont and Pennsylvania that represent coastal and
inland climates.  Field inspections will be made over the course of the next
two to three years to verify performance.  Lab testing may still be ongoing.
While the purpose of this verification process was not intended to
specifically look at non-VOC or low VOC paints, we felt compelled to assist
the Pruett-Schaffer Chemical Company   (P-S) with the financial means to
participate in this study to further promote the benefits that their paints
offer.  As a side note, the P-S paints also incorporate waste ink toner from
photo copiers and fly ash from power plants.
For more information please contact:
Mr. David Isacco
Pruett-Schaffer Paint Co.
3327 Stafford St.
Pittsburgh, PA  15204
(412) 771-2000
Ms. Barbara Doezema
4403 Donker Ct., S.E.
Kentwood, MI 49512-4054
(616) 940-3112
Please let me know if this helps your efforts.
Joseph M. Sherrick
Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection
Office of Pollution Prevention & Compliance Assistance
Rachel Carson State Office Building
P.O. Box 8772
Harrisburg, PA  17105-8772
Office:  (717) 772-8944
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