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hospital waste

Hi Deb:
I sent your request out to the Heathcare without Harm list serve.  Below is 
a response I received from a consultant with Litenin Env. Response. 
  E-mail liteninER@aol.com
Hope this helps somewhat.

Catherine Zimmer
Mpls, MN  USA

Our average waste is about the same numbers that you sent.  The high 
average per bed is about 7.5 lbs/day/bed for biohazardous.  Once we've 
implemented our program, we can ususally get them down to around 2.5 to 4 
(depending on the hospital's interpretation of the definition of 
"biohazardous waste").   The make-up or composition of the general waste 
you provided seems about right.
Hope this is helpful!
Bill Picard