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Hi P2Techies,

I suggested these guys consider pollution prevention/cleaner production as
important pieces of clean-up and development strategies, and that they
expand their online capabilities as there is so much useful material
available. Does anyone else want to respond?

Janet Clark

Dear Sirs/Madams,

  We found you on the internet. We are a group of romanian students dedicated
  to solve a little part of poverty and environmental stresses in Romania.
So we
  created a non-profit society, named "Environmental Students Society of
  Romania" (ESSR).
  We made a big action plan, that covers many topics, as follows:
  - environmental science and education for rural schools in Romania;
  - environmental topics ( environmental impact, environmental technology,
  prevention and control of pollution, air/water pollution and quality, global
  climate change, population);
  - environmental health and medicine;
  - environmental legislation and law;
  - ecosystems and ecosystems conservation and restoration (marine, desert,
  riparian, wetland, river);
  - habitat and habitat restoration;
  - forestry and reforestation;
  - wildlife and wildlife conservation (plants, fauna);
  - natural resources management;
  - waste management and recycling;
  - water topics (watershed management, river ecology, fishing and
  aquatic ecosystems, water and waste water treatment);
  - sustainable agriculture (gardening, green landscaping, soil pollution,
  permaculture, irrigation);
  - earth sciences (geology, meteorology, oceanography, hydrology);
  - energy and renewable energy ( wind, solar, minihydro, geothermal, biomass
  and biogas, ocean, wave, tidal, electric vehicle);
  - sustainable development.
  For now, we need more informations on these domains, in part to make our
  little own library. As you probably know, Romania is still a poor
country, and
  we estimate that it will be very difficult for us, as students, to have
  financial potential to buy all informations we will need.
  So, if you can consider this as an interesting idea, we welcome any
  documents, technical, educational or commercial,in printed or electronic
  Also, we can reward your availability to help us with services as free
  and advertising in our electronic sectorial newsletters, which will be
sent to
  you freely and automatically. In other hand, we want to collaborate with any
  organisations or other societies or companies in our possible future
  Please contact us if you have questions.
  We want to thank you in advance for your support and help and please receive
  best wishes from us.
  With compliments,
  Ninel Lazar
  Environmental Students Society of Romania
Our complete postal address is: 
 Ninel Lazar,
  ESS Romania,
  POBox (OP - CP) 12 - 40
  email: enviro@k.ro 

Janet Clark <clarkjan@turi.org>
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