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P2/EPP herbicide alternative

Dear Colleagues:

(Please excuse cross postings)

The City of Cincinnati is looking for an 'environmentally friendly' 
material that will prevent the growth of 'weeds' in urban street and 
sidewalk cracks.  Decision makers want to avoid the brown dead weed 
appearance that spot treatment products produce, and furthermore 
prefer the material to be a pre-emergent agent.  Is there anything in 
the known universe that meets this criteria?

Thank you in advance for a quick response!


J. Bruce Suits
Pollution Prevention Manager
City of Cincinnati
Office of Environmental Management
Two Centennial Plaza
805 Central Avenue, Suite 610
Cincinnati, OH  45202-1947
Phone:     513/352-6270
FAX:       513/352-4970
email:     bruce.suits@cinems.rcc.org