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weed preventers

Just a couple of quick thoughts that might help you.

The weeds are either coming from air borne seed scattered in the cracks or from roots growing up through the cracks. Maybe there's some kind of calking that you could use to fill in the cracks. That would help the weeds that come from seed. Some weed inhibitor form a protective barrier over the ground that keeps seeds from entering. I think "Preen" works this way. 

As for the weeds produced by roots - that's going to be a real tough job. You could have landscape maintenance people pull the weeds out.  This is going to sound weird, but some people don't mind this kind of work. My mother and Aunts (and even I at some times) enjoy pulling weeds. Maybe you could make some signs that encourage weed-pulling - especially near park benches."Please pull the weeds" - A campaign to promote greener gardening.

If you have any volunteer gardening groups, they might be interested in helping. There are "urban gardening" groups that use abandoned lots around the city to set up small gardens. The one in Columbus is Cultivating Columbus. A group like that might be especially interested in helping out.

Good Luck - And if you remember, let me know what you go with.

Vanessa Hinkle