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Re: State Partnerships Proposal Part 1

The Iowa Waste Reduction Center was not included in the drafting of the Iowa
partnership plan, and thus, wishes to have its name removed from the SBDC
ten-state pilot project proposal.  To the best of our knowledge, the Iowa
Department of Natural Resources also were not involved in the drafting of
proposal.  We are very supportive of partnerships locally, regionally, and
nationally, but do not wish to be referenced as a partner, without proper
and involvement in the planning of such a proposal.  The IWRC was provided
proposal last Tuesday with notice that it would be sent to EPA on Friday.
We would have
appreciated more time to review and comment.

We believe that more involvement of affected and involved parties should be
considered when drafting partnership proposals.  Thank you.

Christine Twait
Program Manager

John Konefes

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Sent: Monday, February 21, 2000 6:01 PM
Subject: State Partnerships Proposal Part 1

> I am forwarding this proposal from Sam Males, Nevada Small Busines
> Developent Center, to P2Tech for distribution since the "collaborate"
> list-serv established after the Dallas assistance providers meeting does
> seem to accept attachments.  I am e-mailing the proposal in two pieces
> because it is too big to go through the p2tech server.  (That's why it
> didn't appear on Friday.)  Please forward this to others and other
> list-servs as you feel appropriate to get this information out.  My
> apologies for the non-technical nature of this posting, however, I believe
> it will be of interest to the many technical assistance programs that
> subscribe to this list-serv. See Sam's note below.
> Kevin Dick
> Business Environmental Program, NSBDC
> dick@unr.edu
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------
> Please find attached a draft copy of the Environmental
> Enhancement Partnership Proposal which was referenced at
> the Dallas meeting.The eleven states have worked very hard
> in forging partnerships between the SBAP's/P2 Programs/MEP's/SBDC's
> and other pertinent national/regional/state environmental service
> providers to better service our clients--small businesses.I think the
> approach taken in this proposal can significantly enhance
> the service we can collectively provide to our constituents.I
> look forward to your comments.
> (775)784-1717
> males@unr.edu