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Great Lakes Power Plants

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I'm trying to do an engineering study to determine the total quantities of
sodium hypochlorite (bleach) that is being used at Great Lakes steam
electric plants to kill zebra mussels in their service water systems.  I
know that the quantities per plant are quite large and with all the steam
electric plants on the Great Lakes, the total quantity has to be huge.  To
do this, I need to get a list giving every steam electric power plant
(fossil and nuclear) located on each of the Great Lakes or at least get a
total number.  The more info I can get in a data list, the better.  A larger
power plant uses more cooling water and hence more bleach so the size of the
plant is significant.  However, given the name of the plant, I can get the
plant size from the DOE Web Page for US Electric Plants and probably access
something similar for the Canadian plants.

Can you please help me develop this list of steam electric power plants
located on the Great Lakes?  Other types of industrial facilities, which use
the GLs water for cooling, also probably use bleach to kill zebra mussels.
If you have info on all the industrial facilities, please let me know that
as well.


Gordon Hart
PCG, Manager, R&D