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P2 Plan Tech. Assistance

The following message is forwarded from Neil Kolwey, who is on sabbatical from the Colorado P2 Program to get a Master's in Cleaner Production at Lund University in Sweden. You can send your answers to me and I will forward them to Neil. Neil writes:

Dear P2techers:
Which states or programs have any experience and results with approaches to
technical assistance involving facilitation of P2 plan development over a
period of time such as 6 months? (not just helping a company write a plan
without involving managers and operations people within the company) For
example, we funded a project in Colorado in which a consultant (the Brendle
Company - Judy Dorsey) helped 5 small or medium-size companies to develop
their own P2 plans (on a voluntary basis since we have no P2 plan
requirement in CO), by involving the key employees and managers, over a
period of about 6 months. By results, I mean results of projects implemented
by the companies, and in addition indicators of long-term change such as
whether the companies developed and used metrics for wastes and costs.

I would like to write a paper for my Master's program, comparing this type
of facilitation approach and longer-term involvement, with the more
traditional quick P2 assessment approach. Any information would be greatly
appreciated. Your reward will be the great fame which comes with being cited as a reference in an academic paper.

Thank you for any help,

Neil Kolwey

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