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Re: Copper in Blue and Green Dyes

Yes, there are blue and green dyes that do not contain copper.
The problem is that in some cases that do not meet the fastness
requirements of the customer.  Copper dyes will meet the requirement.
Turquoise is especially hard to get without copper.  If you need more info,
e-mail me at hboyter@cstone.net.  I've been working on this problem for
over ten years.

Dr. Henry Boyter, Jr. Ph.D. Chemist

The opinions of Dr. Boyter are provided for informational
purposes only and should not be used as advice. No
warranty or expression of professionalism is implied.


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P2 Tech -

Does anyone know if there are any blue and green dyes that do not contain
copper? Or contain a reduced amount of copper?

Thank you,  Becky

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