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Fwd: Dry Cleaners

My dry cleaner is the former President of the Massachusetts Korean Dry
Cleaners Association.  He tells me that CO2 has very poor cleaning powers.
You MUST have detergent added.  The vendors want to control the amount of
detergent as a service of providing the equipment.  He feels that they
charge more than necessary to keep the detergency up since this is how they
make their money.  He does not trust the vendors that charge in this
manner.  Very few dry cleaners in Massachusetts have made the switch.  It
is not because of the VERY HIGH COST of the equipment, but rather the
EXTORTION of the vendors that has lowered the trust in this new technology.
 There arestill some that are worried about the INHERENT SAFETY of this new
technology.  When a vendor makes its profit from selling a chemical and
"giving away the technology,."  one has to wonder.  Look at how this
service is bundled in Oregon and make your own conclusion.
BOB Pojasek

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>Does anyone have experience with a "new" dry cleaning technology that uses a
>biodegradable soap dissolved in liquefied carbon dioxide?  
>Margaret Nover
>Pollution Prevention Program
>City of Portland, Oregon
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